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I was told my project wasn't profitable enough for them to take on; I was told my sites would be reviewed for potential business but never heard back from Safeserps well over 3 weeks!!This is unacceptable.

They make promises that they never follow up on. They have poor, poor Customer Service. They seem to only want big business accounts and make it appear that they will work with any and everyone but this is not the case.

They don't follow up on emails in a timely or professional manner.They simply are not what they appear as advertised.

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I note your feedback which is a nice touch.

I am dismayed, you say you have spent forever searching for a decent SEO company, and that you have spent much money on attempting to secure a place in Google, which is fair enough.

You come to us and ask for the same, more SEO for your site, and when I explain that our services will cost more than you could ever hope to get back in return you take it as a negative?

This was a comment designed to save you money, It has nothing to do with profitability here? The job is a couple of hundred dollars and will make zero impact on our bottom line, either way, you must understand that.

The previous SEO companies you have used have robbed you blind, taken your money and performed services that would be classed as Black Hat or at least Grey Hat, yet our honesty produces a review that could damage our business?

You would have preferred I took your money then said we did this that and the other?

The facts of the matter are;

I do not believe we can get the return on your money that would be expected of us.

We do not take on single keyword jobs.

We do not wish to market single page sites with affiliate offers on them.

We choose our battles on a number of factors, but the main 3 are:

1. The ability to succeed in the task – We choose battle we think we can win

2. The profitability of the job for the client

3. The profitability of the job for us

Your initial query fails on all 3 counts; hence we cannot quote for the task.

I can confirm that I sent your details; and those of your 3 sites to 13 different freelancers on the day we originally conversed, however assuming you have not received any response from them, then they also do not wish to take on the job either.

You have a strange product I am afraid, it is more akin to self SEO work, I truly think any company you hire will not succeed with your site as it is, with the keyword you want.

Google has changed, a single page site with little content is not going to cut it in today’s search, so you have much to do if you wish to get back in the game, much more than we would want to do.

I do not know what else you want me to say, it is unfortunate that you have considered this so bad that you need to write nasty reviews, however sad it is that throughout this I had your best interests at heart, even though we cannot help you ourselves.

Kind Regards




Could you please emphasise your complaint?

Which company was you speaking in behalf of?

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